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A gravel bike from Revel? The Colorado brand is better known for the shreddy mountain bikes with legendary CBF suspension, but a little-known fact is the Revel team rides gravel bikes at least as much as mountain bikes. Being the same minds behind the Titanium R+ gave them a pretty good idea of what modern gravel bikes should feel like, and they decided to take what they learned and bring a carbon version to life.

Knowing the formula to make a great gravel bike by taking full advantage of the ability to shape carbon precisely to their specifications and truly optimize the ride quality. The Rover frame and fork are designed from the ground up, with just the right amount of damping to smooth out those long gravel roads. Revel engineers worked magic to give this bike the best combination of tire clearance and chainring clearance of any gravel bike on the market while retaining the fully guided internal cable routing that makes setting up Revels a breeze. Prioritizing versatility in its use, The Rover is designed around the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger. The frame is loaded with 4 sets of bottle bosses to ensure the Rover will be right at home at a gravel race start line or on backroads adventures.

MSRP: ​ From $2,400 - $6,999

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Revel Rover Mint Chip Colorway
Revel Rover Mint Chip Colorway
Revel Rover T1000 Colorway
Revel Rover T1000 Colorway


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About Revel Bikes

Revel Bikes is rider-owned and passion-driven, considering themselves very fortunate to run a business in the field they love, building the bikes they want to ride. Revel Bikes exists to support their passion and to achieve the goal of engineering and building the absolute best carbon, titanium, and steel bikes in the world.

Revel Bikes calls the Rocky Mountains home, located in Carbondale, CO. With trails just moments from the company's doorstep, the brand's passion is realized by aggressive product testing and an emphasis on community. An ingredient brand, Revel prides itself on using the best material for the task at hand, crafting full suspension, hardtail, and gravel models in addition to their groundbreaking recyclable FusionFiber wheels.