Revel Bikes 2024 Athlete Roster

One Team to Rule Them All

Introducing the 2024 Revel Bikes Athlete Team. With new and old faces, the 2024 team embodies the Revel way to win the day with some great names in the industry on board.

This bike-loving crew represents three counties and six states, from Pennsylvania to Idaho all the way to New Zealand. This team brings together a group of gritty, mile-crushing gravel and cross-country racers, jibby, rock-hopping free riders, “don’t know till ya’ go” trail riders, and backpacking adventurers. This is a group to keep an eye on, with lots in store for the 2024 season.

Meet The Team

Ace Hayden

Victoria, BC

When his family moved to Kamloops, mountain biking consumed Ace's life; cutting his teeth on some of the finest trails British Colombia has to offer gave him the skills to start a long career as a professional rider, dabbling in almost every discipline of the sport. When not traveling the world riding and shooting, this Victoria, BC, local spends his time building trails and tinkering on his cars between big sips of strong coffee.

If you see him around, don't be afraid to say what's up; under that beard is an even bigger smile!

Amy Shenton

Pittsburgh, PA

From the moment Amy first hopped on a mountain bike, it was love at first pedal, and that passion has only grown stronger since. Despite discovering the sport at the ripe old age of 24, mountain biking just clicked for her. After years of nomadic RV life, hunting for flowy jump spots, bike parks, and epic trails, Amy landed in Pittsburgh for her next big adventure... motherhood! This suburban mother of two toddlers now shares her love for adventure, travel, and mountain bikes with her daughters.

Find this MTB mama and her fam on the road in the summer months, searching for every opportunity to boost some jumps and throw her bike sideways!

Dakota Marin-Chapman

Teton Valley, Idaho

Dakota is a self-proclaimed freerider at heart, "I like to ride whatever makes me feel free!" From XC to gravity, dirt jumps to adventure rides, he's down for anything on two wheels. Maybe it's because he holds a Master's Degree in Physics, but Dakota brings precision and style to every jump line he finds. Keep your eyes peeled for this nomad as he travels all over North America in his '95 Chevy van "Delores" hitting every trail between Whistler and Jalisco!

Gordon Wadsworth

Roanoke, Virginia

Gordon Wadsworth has spent the better part of 20 years stoked on bikes. He's never met a mountain he couldn't come to terms with and has never faked a smile. The 8x national champion XC and Marathon mountain bike athlete carries chops for any kind of bike and loves rubbing elbows for hours on end almost as much as time around the campfire sharing tales from the day. You can find him on a multi-day stage race anywhere on the globe or short course jamming with his local youth league. He's never one to say "no" to a ride or to turn down tall tale.

Jonny Davie

Pocatello, Idaho

Jonny Davie hails from the hills of Idaho. He first started biking to speed up his drumming abilities. When the world shut down in 2020, the local jump spot did not. So, with no school and no worries, he dove into biking, finding success thanks to abundant natural talent and a lot of determination and hard work. Long days at school followed by evenings working at the local bike shop ultimately led Jonny to the Revel family when he purchased his Tweedy and started popping up on the Revel radar. You'll now find Jonny out there throwing huge whips on his Rail27 and slashing corners on his Rascal. Keep an eye on this one; he's a star!

Madison Anzellotti

Rotorua, New Zealand

At just 15, Maddy is the youngest member of our team. But don't let her age fool you; this girl rips! Coming from one of the mountain biking capitols of the world, New Zealand, bikes have always been Maddy's jam. Whether it's racing some gnarly enduro tracks, whip-offs, or street riding, if it involves bikes, count her in. From riding the loamers of Rotorua to the straight rock and dust of the East Coast, she's always had a blast no matter the terrain. Now residing stateside, you can find her doing party laps with friends, digging trails, or cleaning up the rigs for another sick day of riding, rain or shine!

Peter Hogan

Boulder, Colorado

When Peter moved to Revel's own hometown, Carbondale, CO, in pursuit of a healthier life, he found a love for bikes and the community and camaraderie they provide. Biking provided routine, discipline, consistency, and adventure for many years before racing came into the picture. Always eager for a ride of any size, Peter loves a short ride in a t-shirt and jorts as much as an all-day gravel race, redlining through dusty corners. With recent success in gravel and XC racing, the 2024 season looks bright for this Boulder, CO local. Find him taking an extra-long coffee break through the strangely mild Front Range winter.

Tira Denny

Biddeford, Maine

Tira's cycling addiction started 9 years ago. Her intense passion and dedication to the sport initially raised some eyebrows from friends and family, but they chose not to intervene when they saw her on that first podium. Tira quickly found herself involved with her local community, trail building, fundraising, leading group rides, teaching kids to mountain bike, and helping at local bike events. Before the pandemic, she was focused on Pro XCO Mountain Bike Racing. After taking some time away from the sport to become a mother, she's diving back into competitive racing! It's not easy balancing being a mother, an ultra-endurance athlete, and having a full-time job, but whether it's her intense passion or full-blown 'bikeaholism', Tira does it all!

Zoe Zwecker

Rockport, Maine

A gravel grinder and XC athlete through and through, Zoe is driven to keep pedaling, always wanting to see the view around the next bend.

Originally an avenue for exploration around her small coastal Maine hometown, she also found community and empowerment behind bars. Trading the coastline for mountains, Zoe now calls Boulder, CO home.

With some ambitious race goals ahead and her eye on some big multiday adventure, she's one to keep your eye on! Catch her baking bread to carb-load for her next race, coaching a local girls' cycling team, or back East, sailing the coast of Maine.

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