Revel Bikes Announce the NEW RW30 Rim and Wheelset

Revels Bikes RW30 Trail and Enduro Wheels Just Got Better

Designed in Colorado, made in Utah, and built to last; Revel Bikes continues to reshape the industry. Building on experience from their 2020 FUSIONFIBER® rims, Revel Bikes has increased strength, fine-tuned the lay-up, and updated aesthetics in the all-new Revel RW30. 

Welcome the next generation of Revel Bikes, a fully recyclable, made-in-America, rim. Using a FUSIONFIBER construction achieves best-in-class ride quality, and unlike traditional carbon wheels, FUSIONFIBER rims can be tuned for specific ride quality without compromising stiffness for compliance and vice versa. Finding this balance makes for a quiet, damped ride feel and pushes these rims into a league of their own compared to traditional thermoset carbon rims.

The Revel engineers were dedicated to making a stronger rim where it matters most, while also keeping the dampened and predictable ride feel the RW30 wheels are known for. Optimized for 28 spokes, you will find the new RW30 is bolstered with more material around the spoke holes and less in between each spoke. This increases strength where the spoke meets the rim while keeping weight down for a snappy and precise feel on the trail. By increasing the width of the bead wall (hook) on the new RW30, Revel achieved a 23% increase in impact resistance. Requiring significantly more force before damage is seen in the “single hook onset impact test” (One of the most practical tests with real-world representation). In summation, the new RW30 wheels provide a stronger and more reliable wheel, without a weight penalty.

Finally, a new surface finish, or lack thereof, gives each rim a subdued and stealthy look while showing off the beautiful FUSIONFIBER layup that makes these wheels so incredible. Each RW30 rim comes out of the mold with its final finish, deterring any harmful paints or epoxies, post-processing, or finishing required to achieve this beautiful high gloss look.

The RW30 is a versatile wheelset best suited for Trail and Enduro bikes with 130-160mm of travel and tire sizes ranging from 2.3”-2.6”.

Details and Key Features:

  • NEW rim dimensions and profile for improved durability while maintaining the excellent ride quality the RW30 and FUSIONFIBER® are known for
  • 485g rim weight. 1,850g complete wheelset weight *(from configuration listed above)
  • 30mm internal width. 38mm external width
  • 4mm bead wall (hook) thickness offers greater durability than before
  • Symmetrical angled spoke hole drilling
  • Lifetime Warranty and Crash Replacement

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  • 29” 28h rim only - MSRP: $799
  • 29” 28h Complete wheelset – ​ MSRP: $2199
  • Includes Sapim MG washers, tubeless tape, and valve
  • Industry Nine Hydra 15x110/12x148 6-bolt hubs (SRAM XD or Shimano MS)
  • Sapim D-Light spokes and Double Square brass nipples
  • Tubeless tape and valve installed

Complete Wheel Build Details:

  • Sapim MG nipple washers are required for builds and come included with each rim
  • ERD 592mm (including required MG nipple washer)
  • Brass/spherical head nipples only. Compatible nipples are:
  • Sapim Double Square or Polyax
  • DT Swiss Squorx or Pro Head
  • Spoke Lengths (Industry Nine Hydra Boost): Front & Rear: Non-Drive Side (L): 292mm. Drive Side (R): 294mm

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About Revel Bikes

Revel Bikes is rider-owned and passion-driven, considering themselves very fortunate to run a business in the field they love, building the bikes they want to ride. Revel Bikes exists to support their passion and to achieve the goal of engineering and building the absolute best carbon, titanium, and steel bikes in the world.

Revel Bikes calls the Rocky Mountains home, located in Carbondale, CO. With trails just moments from the company's doorstep, the brand's passion is realized by aggressive product testing and an emphasis on community. An ingredient brand, Revel prides itself on using the best material for the task at hand, crafting full suspension, hardtail, and gravel models in addition to their groundbreaking recyclable FusionFiber wheels.