Why Cycles Joins Revel Bikes in 2023

Revel Bikes Unifies Brands

Originally founded in 2016, Why Cycles offers complete mountain and drop bar models with a mission to create beautiful bicycles with a modern take on traditional titanium. Beginning today, Why Cycles will officially become part of its sister brand, Revel Bikes. Consolidating the two brands will allow for streamlined production, a more cohesive and authentic brand image, and even some cost savings for the customer.

There is a noticeable overlap between riders wanting a Ti hardtail or gravel bike and a full suspension trail or enduro bike. Why Cycles and Revel Bikes were founded simultaneously, with Why Cycles' titanium products entering the market in 2016. Revel Bikes focuses on creating the best full-suspension carbon bikes using the CBF suspension platform. Why Cycles and Revel Bikes have existed under the same roof, with the same ownership and same employees, but operated separately from a public-facing perspective. As the ven diagram of cycling disciplines has evolved, the two companies are officially joining forces under one brand name, Revel Bikes.

The brand unification will provide one-stop shopping for those looking for the best in Titanium and Carbon production. All Revel Bikes Ti frames have been updated for UDH derailleur hanger compatibility, futureproofing these modern titanium bikes for forthcoming drivetrain innovations. The lifetime warranty on all Ti and carbon models continues, and Revel Bikes will offer price reductions for select titanium models. The Revel titanium R+ gravel bike and El Jefe hardtail are available starting today, with additional models becoming available over the next few months.

“I’m thrilled to combine the Why Cycles products into the Revel Bikes brand, and the updates we made for future-proofed drivetrain compatibility are pretty awesome too. We’ve been operating both brands out of the same facility with the same people and same engineering processes, so it just makes sense to have it finally be the same brand,” states Adam Miller, Revel Bikes founder and CEO. “Revel will now be a true reflection of our obsession for all types of bikes under one roof and allow us to pass greater savings to our customers while providing the best customer service possible.”

An engineering powerhouse, Revel Bikes is located on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains, with both titanium and carbon bikes assembled in their Carbondale, CO headquarters. A recently opened branch office in Taichung, Taiwan, in the heart of the bicycle industry, allows Revel to further improve sourcing, assembly, and manufacturing processes, providing unrivaled quality and support to riders. Revel believes in using suitable materials for the correct application; Steel, Titanium, and Carbon bikes are all found under the Revel umbrella, alongside their groundbreaking recyclable FusionFiber wheels and rims.


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About Revel Bikes

Revel Bikes is rider-owned and passion-driven, considering themselves very fortunate to run a business in the field they love, building the bikes they want to ride. Revel Bikes exists to support their passion and to achieve the goal of engineering and building the absolute best carbon, titanium, and steel bikes in the world.

Revel Bikes calls the Rocky Mountains home, located in Carbondale, CO. With trails just moments from the company's doorstep, the brand's passion is realized by aggressive product testing and an emphasis on community. An ingredient brand, Revel prides itself on using the best material for the task at hand, crafting full suspension, hardtail, and gravel models in addition to their groundbreaking recyclable FusionFiber wheels.